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AcadeMe+, The Visual Learning Platform, offers film-based interactive lessons from 1,000 of Hollywood’s carefully curated films for K-12 schools and higher education, serving to enhance student engagement. Focused on improving 21st-century skills, augmenting social and emotional learning, and harnessing the storytelling power of films, AcadeMe+ generates unique and engaging learning experiences.

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3,700 SCHOOLS currently use AcadeMe+

120,000 TEACHERS currently use AcadeMe+

2,000,000 STUDENTS currently use AcadeMe+

19,855 Great FILMS used in class in October 2021


AcadeMe+ is an Audiovisual learning platform, offering film-based interactive lessons from more than 1,000 of Hollywood’s carefully curated and most beloved films for K-12 schools and higher education. AcadeMe+ caters to all teachers' needs for delivering film-based lessons, focused on S.E.L. and 21st century skills, providing a unique, relevant, inspiring, challenging and fun digital learning experience.

AcadeMe+ offers hundreds of ready-to-use Interactive Lessons integrating Hollywood films alongside active watching. The lessons are built from activities before, during and after the film that integrate active watching and assessment. Using online reports, teachers view student performance data and monitor their progress. Together, these take learning to a wider contemporary social cultural knowledge-based context.

The Challenge:
Development of sustainable and quality infrastructure that plays a crucial role in content management and delivery
  • Implementation of LMS for interactive lessons management in three modes: in-class, remote class, homework assignments
  • Development of next-gen, highly customizable content creator for video-based lessons
  • Smart AI Search Engine execution and maintenance
Main Features:
AcadeMe+ offers advanced, A.I.-based, features
Interactive Lessons
Hundreds of ready-to-use lessons, local curriculum aligned, and arranged by subject, grade and topic. Lessons are available for in-class, remote class or homework assignments.
Smart Lesson Creator
Teachers can create new lessons or edit existing lessons by adding or removing videos as well as questions over the video, with an easy drag and drop feature.
Smart A.I. Search Engine
Teachers can find films and clips arranged by subject, topic or grade by searching thousands of keywords.
Community Zone
Teachers can discuss and share lessons with colleagues while keeping their credit. Shared lessons are searchable by subject, topic, keywords, grade.
Performance Reports
Using our robust online report, teachers receive all student performance data, and can
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