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Israel's Technology Magazine - Home for Everything Technological: Mobile, Audio / Video, Computers, Gadgets, Smart Home, Gaming, etc.

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The site was created and built, first and foremost, as an open, pluralistic and accessible home local audio, home theater, gadgets and multimedia enthusiasts.

It is an open arena for sharing different views, preventing personal attacks and interference from practitioners in the field and tries to reflect the full range of opinions in its content and forums. It is a growing community of fanatic devotees.

HT mag
The Challenge:
Converting the site to new infrastructure, some 15 years after its initiation. Implementing new UX and UI while preserving and maintaining the extensive databases collected over the years. Cross-referencing several sites and upgrading the forum arena with hundreds of thousands of followers.
Services provided:


Creative Direction

User experience Strategy


Navigation Algorithm

Navigation Beacons Setup

Interactive 3D map implementation

UX/UI Design

Motion Design

Custom development


Ongoing support and development

HT mag